Palava – High Street, Lodha Code Name: 18th Avenue


Palava New launch – Codename: 18th Avenue – High Street, launch on 9th August 2014

prices starting from 5004 onwards

  • Palava, is perfectly situated to be a major business hub.
  • At the centre of the economic triangle of Navi Mumbai, Thane, and Kalyan.
  • Less than an hour from South Mumbai  (via the Eastern Freeway).
  • Within 20 minutes of the upcoming international airport.
  • 40 minutes from Mumbai’s main port, JNPT.
  • Well-connected by rail. Nearby stations include Dombivli (Central Rail), Vashi (Harbour Rail), and Nilje (Diva-Panvel line).

An exclusive opportunity to be a citizen of India’s best planned city for a limited period.

Palava – Lake Shore Greens – Location Map

Lake Shore Greens is spread across the area of 4000 acres between Navi Mumbai & Dombivali. It offers excellent connectivity to all parts of Mumbai via road and the central line.

  • 15 minutes from Navi Mumbai and DAKC.
  • 30 minutes from Thane, Kalyan, Airoli & Vashi
  • 8 km from Dombivali.
  • 55 minutes from the proposed International airport.
  • Short walk from Nilje railway station on the Diva-Panvel line.
  • 60 minutes from South Mumbai