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5 Best places to settle after retirement in India


“Time and tide wait for none”, we do run along with the time all our life developing ourselves in search of a better life. People usually forget everything including their family in this race. Retirement is the time to sit back and relax.

1. Chandigarh being one of the highly planned cities is the best option one can look for. Distance from metro and airport, prices of houses etc all make it a good city in terms of investment too.

2. Coimbatore - Manchester of south India, is again a great option after retirement. The hospitals over there attract patients from all around the world. The facilities are enough good as well economically affordable, therefore you needn’t go anywhere else for the treatment.

3. Goa - beaches are always great when it comes to relaxation and Goa is that destination. It even has special colonies built for retirees.

4. Dehradun - it resides as a junction for many holy places like Haridwar, Rishikesh etc helping you to cleanse mentally and spiritually.

5. Khandala - proper destination for those looking for peace. The serenity and greenery of the place melt you away.


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