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How The Mumbaikars Would Benefit From The Coastal Road Project


Taking a look at the Rs.20,000 Cr. project, which is going to be a reality. Years, after it met with opposition from fishermen, environmentalists and civic activists, the Mumbai’s coastal road project, is set to become a reality. The matter of inquisitiveness how will the coastal road, expected to address the commuting woes, pan out? Will it accentuate traffic issues further or instead, boost connectivity? This project has been planned in order to address the transportation woes faced by the commuters of the western suburbs. The 34-kilometer road is going to be a freeway,linking south Mumbai with western suburbs. The main advantage, the road will decongest the traffic of Mumbai and will create 91 hectares of green spaces. Cities like New York, Maldives, Tokyo, and Dubai are all flourishing and earning a premium on those roads. This road would surely be an enabler for the commuters who have at present, only one source of traveling the rail network. Traveling via the road from the western express highway is very time consuming and involves a lot of traffic, it is just like Bandra Worli sea link, this western freeway too would reduce the congestion on the western line. Especially for those who were living in suburbs its an ambitious plan. The road will decongest Mumbai and will create 91 hectares of green spaces. This road will be constructed based on Dutch technology, the Dutch have established an expertise in the area of environment-friendly reclamation technology. The project will be economically viable by calculating the societal benefits of building it by bringing it about a reduction in vehicle operating costs travel time, accidents, environmental pollution etc. Since people will get quickly from their homes to workplaces and back, and vehicles will run more efficiently, the plan also has long-term economic benefits.

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