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1. No outright rights, hence cheaper

2. No legal issues as they are owned by local authorities with clear titles


One of the additional ways to earn money from property apart from renting house is allowing advertisement hoardings and renting mobile towers. Here are pros and cons of allowing a mobile towers on your property.


1. You will get a stead...


Selling a house can be a daunting procedure which is why you need to avoid certain pitfalls while selling a house.

1. Setting up unrealistic prices.



Rich, poor or middle class owning a house is everyone's dream, but all will not have enough funds to buy or build a house. That is why banks and other financial institutions offer housing loans, which is lending half of the cost of the property and have to be repaid in the form of EMI’s every month.

Here are the factors that affect the EMI


    Retail shopping is necessary and it is important to have shopping malls and shops near to where you live. Realizing this Palava megacity designed and planned malls like Xperia mall, which features 6-screen multiplex by PVR along with 50 leading brands. Also, India’s largest mall is coming soon at Palava mega city which further enhances the shopping experience for its residents.

    If you want to experience a modern lifestyle along w...


Palava is equipped with solid waste management plants, also 80% of the household waste is reused, and the water is also recycled.10 % of the public electricity is derived from solar power, also pre-paid smart meters are used which will allow the residents to monitor their energy usage.

If you are among those people who would like to contribute to saving the planet, then consider buying a plot in Palavamegacity



The security at Palava mega city keeps up with the name of being called a smart city. 500 surveillance cameras captures real-time data 24 hrs, in future they will be equipped with facial recognition with panic alarms placed at every 200 meters. A smart card will allow all its residents to access the wifi, retail centers, bus service, and information to the Palava command center.

If you wish to buy a 2 BHK in Palava mega city or rent a ...