Buying a property doesn’t literally mean only buying and selling but does considerate various factors like comfort, locality, resources, budget etc.

1. Broadly they are classified as two freeholds and leasehold. Freehold property is the one where ownership has engaging durability allowing no rent paying policy and all the property rights are officially entitled.

2. On the other hand, leasehold property is the one where ownership is entitled to a certain period of time.

3. Usually prefer freehold, due to low mess up credibility, high flexibility, investment for the future generation and less involvement of other people including government excerpt during major infrastructural developments.

4. Freehold properties are more attractive when land rates start to fall coupled with low mortgage interest rates.

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1. Any undeveloped agricultural land meant for urban development in the near future either in a rural or urban community which has limits put up by the government or private entity is called a greenfield land.

2. Instead of using these good lands for building industries or some other developments, one can use brownfield or grey field lands.

3. A land which has already been marked as developed but left due to soil contamination issues or pollution etc is called a brownfield land.

4. Whereas grey fields are the ones which are outdated in terms of infrastructure. Unlike brownfields, grey fields do not need much looking after as they can be given fresh look by just doing small infrastructural changes like plumbing repairs etc making up to the investor.

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See that your retirement house is near to some of your friends and family after all these are the people whom you care for at that age. Basic needs like pharmacy, theatre, grocery store etc are near to it.

. Check with your priorities and budget. Choose wisely as you retire, finance becomes one of the major concerns to look for.

. The flexibility of the house resources. Ensure that there are no stairs or steps in it. Try and replace bathtubs with showers. Make sure all the corners are properly illuminated.

. Approach a well established real estate company as the agents may easily betray you at that age.

. Check out with the resale value also as one may not guarantee how long you can make it.

. See that the locality in which you are buying a house has healthy communities or not. Search for ones that are near to parks preferably.

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