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What is eviction?


Removal of a tenant from a property by the landlord legally is termed as eviction. We need to understand the relationship between the owner and the tenant before getting into eviction. A landlord is someone who leases his property for a certain time to a tenant for some monetary gains. Tenant is one who repays it. Lease document consists of the terms and conditions stated by the landlord and the tenant agreed upon mutually. The responsibility of the landlord includes allowing the tenant with the access to the property from day one of the lease agreement, proving him with the needs and comfort zone to enjoy by not intriguing unnecessarily during the lease period. He also needs to check for any dysfunctional movements like there are cases where the tenant relinquishes from the lease before the deadline, then the landlord has to search for somebody else to occupy it and pay him the same rent. It’s the tenant’s responsibility to pay this extra amount during the search for a new tenant. If any of the rights proclaimed in the lease agreement are violated, the landlord has all the power to evict the tenant. These violations can be from the sill of the silliest to very important ones like having pets despite the agreement screaming no pets. But there are instances for example , there was a tenant who is requesting to increase heat in the house so that he and his family could enjoy the property more , legal action was filed on the landlord failing to do so and the courts have actually supported the tenant and forced the landlord to pay the legal fees for not providing comfortable lease property.

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